Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery

This workshop is designed to accelerate gynaecological laparoscopy surgical training and improve surgical skills that are essential for building confidence in clinical practice. The programme offers the opportunity to develop, or extend, expertise in the established and rapidly developing areas of gynaecological laparoscopic surgery.

The workshop will provide candidates with a unique opportunity to practice and perfect the laparoscopic technical skills necessary to meet the standards. Theory and skills demonstrations will be delivered. The programme simulates scenarios encountered in laparoscopic surgery


  • Teach the participants basic and advanced laparoscopy tasks
  • Give the participants skills in laparoscopic procedures such as
    1. Ovarian cyst
    2. Uterine fibroid
    3. Suturing
    • This course accelerates delegates surgical training and improves technical skills.
    • It will enhance delegates future career prospects in gynaecological Surgery.


  • Welcome and Introduction.
  • Introduction to the new training program in laparoscopic surgery.
  • How to convert Disasters to Inconvenience? Complications in Laparoscopic Surgery.
  • Hands-on training: 4 stations
    1. Ovarian cyst
    2. Uterine fibroid
    3. Suturing station
    4. Suturing station
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